Packing Clothes For A Move

Those special packing boxes for hanging clothes are designed to look and act like small closets. Like a life-sized wardrobe, the special-purpose boxes even have their own metal rods to hold the hangers that in turn hold the clothes wrinkle-free, protected, and easily accessible. Ultimate protection for your expensive clothes: no wrinkles, no dust, no damage of any kind. Quick packing and unpacking as your clothes are transferred directly from your closet into those boxes, together with the hangers.

If you’re moving on a budget, then it’s only normal that you’ll want to save as much as possible on your move. In such a case, you won’t be willing to spend money to purchase costly wardrobe boxes. It’s okay, there’s an alternative packing method that is often viewed as a packing trick, or even a hack to pack clothes in garbage bags. Trash bags will take less space inside the moving truck packing hanging clothes in trash bags is super quick and easy.