Choosing The Right Moving Company

So here we are the date is set for the big day, you’re doing your checklist and #1 on that list is to find a reliable moving company. We all know that moving is not the most favorable thing to do, so taking your time to find the right moving company is very important. Choosing the right moving company is definitely not something that you would want to wait until the last minute to do.

With all of the possible moving companies in the Northern VA area, you would think that it would be quick and simple to book one. Leaving it till the last minute you will be more likely to make a bad choice and being let down on your moving day. So how do you rule out the companies to choose the best one? My advice will be always take your time.

It seems like the best bet to go with the company offering the lowest price, but if the company that you are choosing isn’t worth the money you are going to spend it’s not. Do your homework first look at reviews, read their website and scan it for unprofessionalism. You don’t want a company coming in scratching and dinging up your walls that you later have to repair.

When you receive a quote you need to make sure that they include everything. You want to see everything being included in the services being offered as far as insurance, the breakdown of the costs involved in the move, how many movers will be provided, what type of payment is accepted, terms and conditions if any. Always make sure you receive your final quote by email so you have a record of exactly what the cost will be, rather than relying on a phone conversation.

Now you’ve done your research and received your quotes and decided on which mover to proceed with It’s advisable to email the company in question confirming you wish to accept their offer and firm up the date and time of your move. Make sure you receive an email back and keep it for your records. Make sure you keep contact information for the company for when the day approaches and you run into any last minute problems.





Moving Checklist For Homeowners

When it comes to moving professional moving companies are familiar with the process, but many customers are not. It is our job to educate and allow them to learn the basics on moving from their home to make the process easier.

Moving House Checklist

  • Starts off with finding the right company for your needs and to meet your standards
  • Get a quote or estimate that is in your price range and ensure that the company provides moving insurance to ensure the safety of your precious items
  • So draw up plans on where in the new house you would like the placement of your furniture. Make sure that items may fit through doors and that there is enough clearance to get the item in the house.
  • Write down everything that you own and be aware to write a detailed description as far as dents, scratches, and flaws.
  • Go through your items and get rid of any unwanted junk and clutter to make your move and unpacking experience easier
  • Confirm with real estate agency or rental office key collection time.
  • Research storage facilities if it is needed for items in your move.

Hard Work And Dedication

Our men have been out since early this morning in this rain getting a local job done in Fairfax Va. They are currently moving some items from a customers house into a storage Unit. From there they will move to a two bedroom apartment move in Manassas Va. They are a professional, fast paced team that is out here to make your move easier and relaxing for our customers. Nothing stops our team from getting the job done.

Move From Arlington To Clifton

We have a professional team out on a move early this morning. The customers are downsizing moving from a 3bdrm house into an apartment and unloading some into a storage unit. We are here to make your move as easy as possible so you can sit back and enjoy your new home.

Move In Fairfax

Our job is to make your life a lot easier when it comes to moving. We did a single family home in Fairfax this afternoon out to Arlington. We went in and made sure to get everything secured and wrapped up to be moved. We move at a fast pace but a professional manner so that we can get the job done. We are here for you to be able to take that breath and feel comfortable to allow us to make your transition into your new home easy.