Moving Checklist For Homeowners

When it comes to moving professional moving companies are familiar with the process, but many customers are not. It is our job to educate and allow them to learn the basics on moving from their home to make the process easier.

Moving House Checklist

  • Starts off with finding the right company for your needs and to meet your standards
  • Get a quote or estimate that is in your price range and ensure that the company provides moving insurance to ensure the safety of your precious items
  • So draw up plans on where in the new house you would like the placement of your furniture. Make sure that items may fit through doors and that there is enough clearance to get the item in the house.
  • Write down everything that you own and be aware to write a detailed description as far as dents, scratches, and flaws.
  • Go through your items and get rid of any unwanted junk and clutter to make your move and unpacking experience easier
  • Confirm with real estate agency or rental office key collection time.
  • Research storage facilities if it is needed for items in your move.