Git it Moved In Washington DC

Git it Moved was in Washington DC delivering their recent purchase. We really pride ourselves in getting people the things they just bought. In a city like DC it isn’t always practical to own a big truck or van to move some of the bigger home purchases. Let Git it Moved Deliver for you and take care of all the heavy lifting.

What is a Small Moves Specialist?

Small Move SpecialistSometimes we at Git it Moved get calls asking us to clarify what exactly it means to be a small moves specialist. To us, being a small moves specialist means we focus on moving anything from single pieces of furniture up to 2 bedroom homes.

We use 16 foot box trucks and are happy to help move anything. If you just need to send a sofa to a friend or relative, Git it Moved is here to help. If you just bought a new lawn mover but don’t know how you are going to get it home, Git it Moved is here to help you.

Because we focus on small moves and deliveries, we have flexible scheduling and can move you on your schedule.

Moving in Sterling

Not all moves need to be huge or mean a location change. Sometimes a few items in a home need to be moved to a new spot. Luckily, Git It Moved was happy to help a local family move a book case to its new spot in the same home. Some moves need to happen in the same house. Git it Moved is always happy to help.

Storage Move In Falls Church

A local family needed help getting some of their furniture out of storage. They called Git it Moved and we moved their bookcases, chairs and a dining room set. The team was able to do it in no time and the customer has all their things where they want them.

Falls Church moving storage

Git It Moved in Fairfax

A family in Fairfax just purchased some new furniture. They had some furniture that is still in good condition. Luckily, they had family that could use that furniture. They called Git it Moved and we took their old furniture out of their house and brought it right into the living room of the new owner.

Moving Fairfax VA
Fairfax Virginia Move

Bedroom Delivery In Arlington

Git it Moved was busy in Arlington. Our customer had just purchased a new bedroom set but were unable to transport it. They called Git it Moved and we were happy to go to the store where they purchased their furniture, pick it up, and brought it into their house and put it exactly where they needed it.

Good Job Team!

Arlington Delivery

Git it Moved is Here to Make Your Next Move Stress Free!

Moving Service Falls ChurchAnybody who has moved knows it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Git it Moved is here to help. We provide small moving services for the Virginia, Maryland and DC area.

We can move single items up to a house! We offer last minute scheduling and provide all of the tools needed to make your move a success. Give us a call even if you only need a single piece of furniture moved.