2 Bedroom Move From Reston To Washington DC

Joseph Hman
I moved from a 2 bedroom condo in Reston to Washington D.C. I’m pretty frugal so I checked around, and spoke to companies, for a while before choosing, since I had a good month before I needed to move. My main goal was to find a low price, which I managed to hit the nail on the head with these guys. However I was, not necessarily surprised, but welcomed the fact that their professionalism and moving quality matched, or probably exceeded the fairness of price. Thanks guys. I’ll call you if I’m moving again!

Git It Moved!!!!

Whether it’s from building to building or moving into the apartment across the hall, we’ll help situate your things into your new place! We have the team and the equipment to get your move done efficiently and work with any busy schedule. Call Git It Moved today for an estimate!

Spare Scratches on Your Walls from Other Moving Companies – Trust Git It Moved to Get It Right!

“We needed a couch and loveseat moved out of our the basement of our house and moved into our new one. Git It Moved gave me a great estimate and it was easy sorting out the schedule of when they should come out. There was an “S” curve going up the stairs and the sharp corner at the top of the stairs, but they managed to move the large pieces of furniture out with  no scrapes or dents on the walls as they brought it up. I was very pleased by their work and would definitely hire this company again.” – Springfield, VA

Your walls are safe during our moving services! The Git It Moved team has years of experience in moving and maneuvering around in homes. Call Git It Moved today!