How To Properly Pack Electronics

The most important items to make sure you pack correctly would be your electronics. Knowing how to protect, and how to pack electronics for your move is a useful skill to have. We have a few easy steps for packing electronics on your move.

  • Back up all your data on everything.
  • Take a picture of how it is connected for future reference and label all cables for connection.
  • Pack in original box if possible.
  • Use cardboard or antistatic bubblewraps.
  • Follow Precautions on packing electronics.
  1. Back up all your data– make sure to go and make a copy of all files that are important. Back them up to two different locations to be sure that they are safe
  2. Photograph and label all cables– Taking a picture to have a visual of all connections will help make it easier for when you have to set up. Also labeling cables will ensure that you know exactly what goes where.
  3. Pack in original box– This would be the safest way to transport if you have kept the foam protector that it came in when it was new.
  4. Packing Materials– Make sure to have enough moving material and to secure the item in the box. Make sure to fill in all empty space within the cardboard box.