Easy Ways To Organize And Storage Christmas Decorations

  1. Use an egg carton or drink holder to store breakable ornaments
  2. Clothes hangers used to wrap up the Christmas tree lights
  3. Wrapping Paper in garment bag
  4. Utilize clear containers for organization
  5. Use wrapping paper tubes to store extension cords labeled with dimensions
  6. Wrap lights around cardboard
  7. Use coffee to wrap lights around cut x in top to put the plug through
  8. Plastic apple containers are good for ornaments
  9. Use plastic water bottle to store garland
  10. Use closet organizer to hang wreaths
  11. Use cardboard dividers to keep glass ornaments separated in box
  12. Shrink wrap your artificial tree
  13. Use hangers to store Wreaths
  14. Use leftover cups from holidays to keep ornaments safe
  15. Buy bins with dividers to separate by color