How to label boxes correctly for your move

We all know that moving houses can be stressful. And this is tenfold more valid if you are moving for the first time. The scale of organization, as well as the psychological adjustment and emotional strain involved in the process, are the main culprits behind the tremendous pressure we can experience during this transitional time in our lives. First-time movers often under-anticipate some key elements of the pre-moving stage, such as shopping around for a moving service well in advance or packing their possessions in the right way.

So, to avoid feeling in a state of panic a week before the big day, do your homework and get a quote from a few short-listed moving companies. Also, make sure to start packing your stuff early enough and label the moving boxes properly. This way, you will be able to find everything you need, fast and easy, when you start unpacking them in your new home. More so clearly labeled boxes will be unloaded and moved in their right place in your new home.

But what is the best way to label your boxes? Is there a universal system that works in all cases?

  • Color code labels

Using different colors to label your moving boxes will make the unpacking later a much easier process. This system often goes hand in hand with the room labeling method as you can pick a different color for each room.

  • Labels by room

Ok, we have already covered the room-by-room packing system. It is proven that it makes the unloading and unpacking simply a breeze, even if you use only one color for writing the labels. Ensure that you tape the same label on each side of the box and even place one on top of the packaging.

  • Priority code labels

This labeling system could combine a couple of house removals concepts. For instance, it could determine which box goes first in the moving truck and which is loaded last. This way, the removalists will be able to prioritize what items are coming off the vehicle first and get moved to their designated room.

The other idea behind this system is to clearly state and remind yourself which box is a priority in terms of getting it unpacked first.

  • Number code labels

The number code labeling system involves creating an inventory list, which specifies what items are packed in each numbered box and what numbers apply for each room. For example, you can easily refer to your list when unpacking boxes 1 to 5 that are destined to go in the kitchen.

And, if the first thing that you want to do is to make a nice cup of tea, then you dash for box number 3 to get the kettle out. Well, the removalists still need to be directed somehow that box 3 belongs in the kitchen, so it won’t hurt if you jot down in red a nice and clear “Kitchen”.

  • Labels by items 

Packing your possessions by items works only in a partial way. And the method cannot replace other labeling systems. For instance, you can group soft items together like bedding, throw overs, rugs, and cushions in a box and pack your kids’ winter clothes in a large bin bag.

How to unpack after moving house

So, you are here now. And there’s so much unpacking to deal with. The best thing you can do is to keep calm and take your time. You will find that unpacking can be fun, especially if you’ve done the packing and labeling right.

After all, all this pre-moving hard work you had to do was designed to make things simple when unpacking. Just make use of the labeling system again and start unpacking room by room, from high to low priority. Take regular breaks and enjoy painting the blank canvas of your new home gradually and in a stress-free manner.