Moving Appliances?

Moving everything AND the kitchen sink? Read on for tips on how to best move heavy appliances:


Clean and dry thoroughly. Check your manufacturer’s operational manual on how to prevent tipping or swaying. Disconnect hoses, wrap them in a towel, and place them inside of the washer for safe transport.


Clean, unplug, or disconnect/turn off from power source. Ensure your new residence has the correct electrical requirements. Don’t forget to empty the lint trap!


Be sure to clean and dry thoroughly. Leave the door open for a few days before moving – this will ensure it’s free of any moisture prior to transport. Disconnect all drain hoses; wrap them in packing paper or powels and place inside for safe keeping.


Clean and dry thoroughly. Remove all detachable parts. Mark each part, tape any partner parts together, and pack safely in a well-marked box.

If you have a gas range, have it disconnected by a qualified technician. Upon arrival at your new home, your technician will connect you to a new line, check your gas supply, seal all openings, and light the pilot.


Defrost, clean, and dry thoroughly. Dispose of all perishables (check for expiration dates)! Turn off water and disconnect the water line if you have a water dispenser or ice machine. Pack all loose/removable parts together in a well-marked box.

Take your time to care for any appliance you are moving to a new home. It will save you the time of cleaning or looking for spare parts once you’re settled.