Truck and labor for small moves and college moves

Git It Moved, a sister company to Git Rid Of It, helps students move in an out of college, whether it be in a dorm room or off campus. We’ve been moving students in and out for some time from George Mason University, Marymount University, Georgetown University, American University and more.

We offer a discount for students, on our already very low prices. We use 16ft box trucks to move, and always have at least 2 crew members in every truck. If you want to make your college move in, or move out, an easy, push button process, give us a call today. We focus entirely on small moves, and many people don’t want to hire a large moving company for a small move. They just want the truck and labor, which is exactly what we do.

Even before the discount we have some of the lowest, flat rate prices in the area. Give us a call today at 703-533-0094.